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Enterprises should face up to the crisis and enhance their confidence. To some extent, crisis means opportunity. Hebei Okai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. seizes the opportunity, enhances the core competitiveness, and firmly grasps the production, strict supervision and scientific management in the quality of polyester cotton TC shuttle fabric. In order to ensure the market position of T / C TC woven fabric, we pay special attention to the stable quality of the products, the exquisite and sophisticated production technology, the novel style and the simple and generous design, which endow the products with the fashionable flavor of the integration of classic and trend. The products are praised by many garment processing enterprises.

On December 27, 2007, Hebei Oukai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established at 113 beautiful Industrial Street, insisting on scientific and technological innovation and system innovation. We have a perfect quality system, create attractive and soul products, and have advanced production equipment and modern office facilities. It is mainly engaged in the sales of polyester cotton TC woven fabric. After years of continuous reform, renewal and improvement, the product advantages are outstanding and the market is booming. Interested parties are invited to contact us at 0319-5859021.

Careful discovery, attentive research and careful manufacturing. The polyester cotton TC woven fabric produced by Okai textile is mainly supplied to garment processing enterprises in China. Carefully find the needs of users, focus on the management of high-quality products, and concentrate on the study of user needs. The products that can be accepted by the market will certainly satisfy the customers. Our products have high market acceptance, good reputation and good sales performance in the whole country. In order to meet the needs of customers, the company has land transportation and water transportation logistics mode for customers to choose.

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After years of development, Okai textile is becoming more and more perfect. Warmly receive new and old customers, accurately understand customer needs, pay attention to market feedback; strictly implement quality process system to stabilize product quality and ensure contract delivery period; timely track quality and deal with quality objections quickly. Our company is committed to improving the quality of T / C TC woven fabric. We have a good reputation in the field of textile fabrics and have a certain customer base.

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