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Hebei Okai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company has advanced printing and dyeing equipment at home and abroad. At present, the printing and dyeing branch company has four dyeing production lines with an annual dyeing and finishing capacity of 30 million meters. The main equipment lsk036-180 efficient desizing, boiling and bleaching production line and lm122-180 continuous pad dyeing production line are designated by the state as domestic substitutes for imported printing and dyeing equipment. The newly introduced mercerizing production line, hot air setting equipment, sanding machine, preshrinking finishing machine and joint roll checking machine all adopt automatic number technology, computer color matching, color measurement and other new technology applications, making the enterprise always in the forefront of the printing and dyeing industry, and constantly create a series of new products with high quality, high technology content and market competitiveness. The main products include polyester T, polyester cotton TC, all rayon R, polyester rayon TR, blended fabrics, plain, twill, pocket cloth, lining and other medium and high-grade fabrics, dyeing, post finishing and dark processing of T / R, t / C, polyester and other  and woven fabrics. In particular, it has strong development and production capacity for high fastness products and tetrahedral. Hebei Oukai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ningfang group, which was founded on September 15, 1973. After 40 years of hard work, from a small single weaving factory with only 23 employees, 16 cloth machines and 19000 yuan of fixed assets at the beginning of its establishment, it has developed into a group enterprise with 6000 employees and a total assets of 1.5 billion yuan. It has formed a diversified operation dominated by textile, dyeing and finishing and garment processing, involving in wine making, real estate, investment, finance, catering, heat and power, domestic and foreign trade A new pattern of integration.

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