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Okai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established on Dec. 27, 2007, located at No. 113, industrial Street, striving for survival with quality and gaining market by certification. Sales as the main business direction, constantly comply with the market trend, reform products, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, has developed into a professional production-oriented individual business. In order to meet the development of the market in recent years, our company has carried out extensive cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

All rayon r-shuttle fabric: Based on the quality of cotton and superior to cotton, it is woven by imported air-jet loom. The handle of rayon products is similar to that of modal products. The performance characteristics of all cotton r-shuttle fabric are as follows: (1) soft handle, good drapability and comfortable wearing. (2) The hygroscopicity and air permeability of the fabric are better than that of the pure cotton fabric (3). (4) It has good dyeing performance and bright color. (5) Stable performance. (6) The garment has good effect, strong shape stability, wrinkle resistance and no ironing, making it more convenient and natural to wear. The advantages of r-shuttle fabric: the artificial cotton fabric has the advantages of bright color, color fastness, soft texture and elasticity.

The development of textile and leather industry is of great significance to promote the development of national economy, prosper the market, absorb employment, increase national income, accelerate the process of urbanization and promote the harmonious development of society. Hebei Oukai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. advocates team spirit: Bee spirit - learn from others' strong points, team cooperation and selfless dedication. Due to the reasonable price, various patterns and production, our r-woven fabric has attracted the attention of many demand groups.

Aokai textile adheres to the concept of "customer first, active development and enterprising", providing good service and high-quality all rayon r-shuttle fabric for the majority of users. Our product quality is reliable, the market is stable, and the prospect is broad. It provides  payment and cash payment, which is convenient for customers and hopes customers have a comfortable service experience. All rayon r-woven fabric is generally sent on weekdays. The freight is negotiated between the buyer and the seller. Please know and pay attention to the logistics.

All rayon r-shuttle is used for weaving. The supplier with good quality should be Aokai textile. Oukai textile takes service, quality first, delivery on time and reasonable price as its business standards. After the promotion of the products in the country, the product quality is up to standard, the service is meticulous and perfect, and the customer satisfaction is high. We continue to strengthen service awareness, service process standardization, institutionalization. We hope that the cooperation with us will bring you good luck of "high quality" and put into the fierce industry competition in a more full state.

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