Processing of all rayon r-shuttle fabric

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Okai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 27, 2007, located at No. 113, industrial Street, striving for survival with quality and gaining market by certification. Sales as the main business direction, constantly comply with the market trend, reform products, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, has developed into a professional production-oriented individual business. In order to meet the development of the market in recent years, our company has carried out extensive cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The quality of products is the life of an enterprise. Our company constantly innovates products according to the needs of the times. With the new production technology, Oukai textile has created many new products that meet the needs of the public. All rayon r-woven fabric is very popular with users. Because of its novel style, excellent quality and complete styles, it has been purchased by demand groups once it is put on the market in China. Only by keeping pace with the development of the times, keeping up with the trend of the times, and based on the needs of users, can we do a good job in products and create an excellent and enterprise.

After years of development, Oukai textile service is becoming more and more perfect. Warmly receive new and old customers, accurately understand customer needs, pay attention to market feedback; strictly implement quality process system, stabilize product quality and contract delivery period; timely track quality and deal with quality objections quickly. Our company is committed to improving the quality of all rayon r-woven fabric. We have a good reputation in the field of textile fabrics and have a customer base.

Woven fabric: it is a kind of cloth that interweaves the yarns vertically from the warp and weft directions. The longitudinal yarn is called warp yarn, and the transverse yarn is called weft yarn. It can be divided into machine-made cloth and hand woven fabric. At present, they are all machine-made fabrics, and hand woven fabrics are rare. According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into bleached fabric, dyed fabric, printed fabric, dyed fabric and so on. Pocket cloth is a kind of white plain cloth, which can be used as quilt lining, face bag and rice bag. There are many kinds of pocket cloth, which can be divided into three categories: all chemical fiber, all cotton and polyester cotton pocket cloth. The specification of polyester cotton pocket cloth can be divided into two categories: 1. Classification according to the content of polyester and cotton. 2、 According to the density of longitude and latitude. The two together constitute the specification of polyester cotton fabric. The price of polyester cotton fabric is mainly determined by the content of cotton. The higher the cotton content is, the higher the price is.

The quality is the life of an enterprise. Hebei Oukai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. mainly sells all rayon r-woven fabric, pays attention to product quality, and operates products with novel style, complete varieties and reasonable price. Adhering to the principle of focusing on credit, abiding by the contract and ensuring product quality, the company has won the trust of the majority of demand groups and obtained stable market resources. To build the road of quality benefit and create the industry of quality benefit, we welcome customers to participate. Company address: 113 Industrial Street

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