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Okai textile, Xingtai polyester cotton TC shuttle fabric professional supply, Okai textile specialized wholesale all kinds of practical hot selling polyester cotton TC woven fabric. In line with the fashion trend of textile raw materials follow the pace of the market, products with new generation speed, innovative and high quality, are very popular in garment processing enterprises. We have extensive cooperation, positive and optimistic, strive to open up the market and forge ahead bravely in the current of the times. It mainly serves all regions of the country, and strives to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents.

Okai textile, polyester cotton TC woven fabric: is the yarn from the warp and weft two directions mutually perpendicular interweaving cloth, longitudinal yarn is called warp yarn, transverse yarn is called weft yarn. It can be divided into machine-made cloth and hand woven fabric. At present, they are all machine-made fabrics, and hand woven fabrics are rare. According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into bleached fabric, dyed fabric, printed fabric, dyed fabric and so on. Pocket cloth is a kind of white plain cloth, which can be used as quilt lining, face bag and rice bag. Specific uses of polyester cotton TC woven fabric: cotton clothing, outdoor clothing, bags, lining, fashion, casual wear, sportswear, suits, work clothes, pants, etc.

Under the background of the great development of the times, Oukai textile industry has been working hard and keeping pace with the times. Optimize service: for the convenience of garment processing enterprises, we use payment; bank payment, we will ship within working days after receiving payment, and the freight will be negotiated between the buyer and the seller. Improve the product: in order to improve the product quality and meet the needs of users, we learn advanced technology, invest in the research and development and introduction of new products, and wholeheartedly create better products to adapt to the changes of the times.

Hebei Oukai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 113 Industrial Street, established on December 27, 2007, is a professional polyester cotton TC woven fabric sales of individual business. Polyester cotton TC woven fabric is the company's products, durable and practical, variety, color complete, novel design. The products are of high quality, and the majority of garment processing enterprises can choose and buy them at ease.

Oukai textile, Xingtai polyester cotton TC shuttle fabric professional supply, adhering to the business philosophy of "bringing forth new through the old, pursuing, insisting on reform and orderly operation". Oukai textile is committed to the innovation of textile raw material products, takes "quality is the cornerstone of enterprise reputation" as our eternal development criterion, takes the establishment of good corporate reputation as the goal of continuous pursuit, and strives for garment processing The company provides reliable quality polyester cotton TC woven fabric. I do not forget the original intention, adhere to the heart, and strive to achieve the long-term goal of common development with the partners, company address: 113 Industrial Street

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